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Now available -- Warner Brother presents an all-new, deluxe DVD set of all three ABC miniseries classics adapted from the celebrated trilogy!

30 hours of spectacular Civil War drama and romance!

First release of Heaven and Hell (a.k.a. North and South III) in any U.S. video format!

Extras include a new documentary on the making of the classic trilogy -- featuring stars Patrick Swayze, James Read and Lesley-Anne Down -- famed producer David L. Wolper -- and author John Jakes!

Re-live America's epic years of fire and sword, love and loyalty in

The North and South Trilogy

In uniform editions from Signet Books, here are the novels read and loved by millions -- the three #1 New York Times bestsellers that inspired the TV mini-series seen year after year around the globe!

Volume I
North and South

Two strangers, young men from Pennsylvania and South Carolina, meet on the way to West Point . . . Thus begins this brilliant novel of antebellum America, spanning three generations and chronicling the lives and loves of two great family dynasties. The Hazards and the Mains are brought together in bonds of friendship and affection that neither jealousy nor violence can shatter -- until a storm of events sunders the nation and brings the cataclysm of war!

"A marvelous book . . . should become one of the great novels of American history."
--Nashville Banner

"Jakes at his best . . ." --Boston Herald America

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Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | 0-451-20081-0

Volume II
Love and War

From the first Union rout in Virginia to the last tragic moments of surrender, here is a gigantic five-year panorama of the Civil War!  Hostilities divide the Hazards and the Mains, testing them with loyalties more powerful than family ties.  While soldiers from both families clash on the battlefields of Bull Run, Fredericksburg and Antietam, in intrigue-ridden Washington and Richmond, strong-willed men and beautiful women defend their principles with their lives ... or satisfy illicit cravings with schemes that could destroy friends and enemies alike!

"Massive, lusty, highly readable,.. a graphic, fast-paced amalgam of good, evil, love, lust, war, violence, and Americana." -- The Washington Post Book World

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Signet | Softcover | $7.99US| 0-451-20082-9

Volume III
Heaven and Hell

The war ends, but there is no peace for the Hazards and the Mains in a nation still inflamed with bitterness and hatred. The defeated South teems with schemers and carpetbaggers ... and the North has no place for scarred veterans such as Charles Main, who struggles to rebuild his life in the Plains cavalry, only to be stalked by a murderous nemesis seeking revenge against both families. A gripping portrait of Reconstruction America, and a fitting conclusion to the saga of two mighty dynasties!

"If you've read North and South and Love and War, you're going to love Heaven and Hell." -- San Francisco Chronicle

"A heartwarming conclusion to a story that you don't want to see end." -- The State (Columbia SC)

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Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | 0-451-20083-7

Hear the entire Trilogy on three superb audio- book condensations from Dove Audio - 6 hours each - performed by the distinguished American actor George Grizzard.

Available now from www.audible.com!

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Out-of-print hardcover editions of these books can frequently be found through on-line bookseller databases such as:


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