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... the unforgettable 8-volume saga of the American experience!

Signet / New American Library proudly brings to the reading public COMPLETELY NEW EDITIONS of the legendary series that has sold OVER 50 million copies - inspired three TV mini-series - and has remained in print continuously for 30 years!


The Bastard

Praised by Patricia Cornwell as "the best historical novelist of our time," John Jakes started his top-selling career with this vibrant novel of romance and adventure. The Bastard begins the enduring eight-volume saga of the Kent family and their participation in the events that shaped a nation. . . .

The illegitimate son of the Duke of Kentland, Phillipe Charboneau has been denied his birthright by his father's family. So he flees to London, where he learns the printing trade . . . but his journey truly commences when he falls under the influence of Benjamin Franklin and travels  to America. After changing his name to Philip Kent, he finds work at a printing house and discovers the radical writings of Sam Adams. He has a new identity and a new passion. And soon he will become a soldier, fighting alongside the colonists in the turbulent adventure that would be called the Revolutionary War. . . .

Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | ISBN 0-451-21103-0

The Rebels

A patriot soldier in the ragtag Continental army, Philip Kent defies the rule of the British crown, fighting for the future of his adopted American homeland and the future of his wife and newborn son. And when Philip's heroism draws the attention of General George Washington, he is sent on an overwhelmingly risky mission vital to the success of the Revolution. But no sacrifice is too great for freedom . . .



Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | ISBN 0-451-21172-3

The Seekers

Abraham Kent serves his country by helping to pacify the Indian threat on the frontier, but when he returns home to Boston he finds he can't embrace the future his father, Philip, has chosen for him: being a printer in the family publishing house. Defying Philip's indomitable will, Abraham will venture west with his new bride to see out his own future in a land full of limitless opportunity and unknown dangers . . .



Signet | Softcover | $7.99US | ISBN 0-451-21249-5


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